Millie is a super talented young actor with a remarkable selection of TV credits. Pretty impressive given she’s still only 16.

Probably best known for playing lead role Millie McDonald in hit kid’s comedy sitcom Millie Inbetween. The popular CBBC show is the second most popular show on CBBC and in the top 5 downloads on BBC IPlayer.

She’s been David Tennant’s youngest daughter in BBC drama Single Father, Maisy in sitcom Dani’s House starring in over 20 episodes of the popular CBBC series, Jason Issacs sidekick and daughter Marlee Brodie in 2 series of crime drama hit Case Histories receiving rave reviews including special mention by New York Times TV critic Mike Hale: “An astoundingly self-possessed child actress named Millie Innes lights up every scene she’s in as Brodie’s daughter.” Mike Hale (New York Times).

Millie is returning for a final series of top show Millie Inbetween this time adding the title of associate producer. There’s apparently no end to her talents.

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