Responsibility of clients

The BFC, together with the BFMA, has expectations of any client as an organisation that employs or hires models:

To agree to act ethically, reasonably and with the same due care and respect afforded to any organisational employee. This includes but is not limited to

Being mindful and ensuring, where possible, the health and well-being of the employed model (whatever the fee) during the employed task

To ensure that there are no injurious practices in relation to a model’s health, e.g. excessive exposure (including frequency) to flash photography, over long or late days etc.

Ensuring that no illegal are unethical practices are undertaken during the working day.

Each casting and employed engagement provides a clear route for models to report, in confidence, any incidents of harassment or abuse.

That any models under the age of 16 are required a chaperone.

In the case of minors (under the age of 18), all work and working conditions are age-appropriate.

No models under the age of 16 are employed to promote age-inappropriate clothing (including, but not limited to, catwalks, advertising, lookbooks, and e-commerce)

Any drastic image change is pre-agreed by the agency, ensuring authority and clear consent.

Any nudity is pre-agreed by the agency, ensuing authority and clear consent.

Suitable working conditions, e.g. appropriate changing facilities, temperature control, meal breaks with nutritious food and drink, appropriate accommodation and transport provision where necessary.

That no one in the organisation's employment, whether full-time or freelance, will exert any abuse of power or perceived power.

To provide appropriate levels of insurance when the model is working under the auspices of the client either directly or through any subcontractor such as a studio, production company or photographer.